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Hello Everyone

My real name is David. I am a dj and producer, or better said a man who loves to play & mix records. Over 21 years of experience in dj-ing brought me a lot of happiness. I've met a lot of nice people and played at some amazing clubs, festivals and places like Ibiza, Amsterdam, Paris. With one goal only. To make you all dance & to be free! I was named after David Bowie, so I will feel free to quote him as it's the best way to describe myself: „I am a D.J., I am what I play“.
When I started to make my own songs, Laurent Garnier gave me support on one of my first productions. That has encouraged me a lot. You can hear a few of my songs here. My official remixes for Moby and my original work.

See you on the dance floor & thank you for visiting my website.


Latest News

  • Yekenelay EP out now! Collab with my bro Gforty. Played by Carl Cox @ Awakenings & Ultra Miami! Check it by clicking on the image!

  • My remix for Mirzinho is out now ! Check the vibes by clicking on the image!

  • Thelma & Louise EP out now! Louise played by Carl Cox @ Tomorrowland, Halcyon SF, etc.! Check it by clicking on the image!

  • Cosmic Jive EP out now on Cristian Varela Pornographic! Check it by clicking on the image!

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When God gave you talent, when your mother named you after David Bowie, when almost all your life you are devoted to music, you can always feel free to describe yourself with nothing else than Bowie's: „I am a D.J., I am what I play“. This is System Divine. Widely recognized by his colleagues and the audience as one of the top Croatian DJ's. It was his love for the music shared through his DJ-ing, that has won him the hearts of his fans, and that has kept them firmly by his side. Every gig, every track, everything he signed his name on, has had his own, profound trademark System Divine sound that has caught the ears of some of the world renowned artists.

At a young age, back in 2004, System Divine won his first award, for the "Best upcoming DJ”. Shortly after that, he became the youngest ever resident at Fun Academy, one of the most famous clubs in Croatia. In 2006, he won his second award for the best DJ. In 2014, System Divine won the Croatian Burn Residency contest. At the global Burn Residency final held in Ibiza, after hearing his music and seeing his skills, the great Carl Cox selected him as the best DJ in the competition. In 2016 System Divine won the accolades for his studio work, the "Ambasador" by Klubska Scena award for Moby - Go (System Divine Remix) - remix of the year.

Venues worldwide such as the Privilege Ibiza, Sankeys Ibiza, Panama Amsterdam, Mambo Ibiza, festivals like ADE, radio stations like Ibiza Sonica, platforms like Be-At TV, are just some of the stops where System Divine enjoyed transmitting the good vibes in his DJ sets.

The sound he produces in his studio is recognized and praised by world's finest, and the best proof of that is the fact that System Divine already made three official remixes for the electronic music superstar - Moby. First one was for Moby's track „The Low Hum“. Moby selected it for his Destroyed Remixed album. Second was the remix of „Everything That Rises“ released as a single on Little Idiot, Moby's very own label. To add to an already fruitful cooperation, System Divine remixed one of Moby’s all time greatest hits „GO“ from 1991.

System Divine productions are often included in sets by some of the world’s greatest, like Carl Cox who played his tracks at the Tomorrowland, Ultra Miami, Awakenings, and Laurent Garnier who is showing big support to System Divine work from the early days, as well as many other great artists, colleagues and avid electronic music fans. His tracks are signed on labels such as Moby's Little Idiot, Cristian Varela’s Pornographic, Omid 16B’s SexOnWax just to mention a few.

One thing’s for certain; every System Divine set as well as every one of his songs are his own stories that he shares with his audience, told in his own way, with one goal and one goal only: to take the listener to the land of the unknown, where everything and anything is possible.



2018 Yekenelay EP Family Grooves
2017 Thelma & Louise EP Axon Recordings
2017 Cosmic Jive EP Pornographic Recordings
2016 Bring Me Home EP System Recordings
2015 J.A.C.K. (Dub Mix) Disclosure UK
2015 Eyes Wide Shut Axon
2015 The Third Man Balkan Connection Tech
2014 La Discoteca, My Everything Disclosure UK
2013 Godspeed Balkan Connection Tech
2013 The Non-Comply Dance Axon
2012 One Hundred EP Neuroscience Deep
2011 Heaven/Angel EP Neuroscience Deep
2010 Fun Academy Acuna Boyz Productions
2010 Mo Chuisle EP ABP, Acunadeep
2010 Future EP Acuna Boyz Productions
2009 Desireless EP Xela Digital


2018 Mirzinho - Return Of The M Tech Art Records
2016 Moby - Go Black Lacquer
2015 Moby - Everything That Rises Little Idiot
2014 Omid 16B - Lilly and Poppy SexOnWax
2012 Moby - The Low Hum Little Idiot
2011 Dave Shtorn - Aylan's Dreams Neuroscience Deep
2010 Zachary Zamarripa - Already Gone Neuroscience Deep
2009 Diego Poblets - Piano & Strings BRM

Appears On

2021 Techno Party Nights Vol.2 Acuna
2021 Techno Party Nights Acuna
2021 London Sounds Techno Party Acuna
2018 Tech House Festival Croatia Acuna
2017 Winter Picks 2017 Axon Recordings
2017 Organica #40 Variety Music
2017 Technoid Creations - Issue 13 Variety Music
2017 Artistique Creations Vol. 4 Voltaire Music
2015 Head 2 Toe SexOnWax
2015 Winter Picks 2015 Axon
2015 Tech House Revealed Christmas One Sound Records
2015 Boreas Collection, Vol. 3 Boreas
2015 Ibiza Underground 2015 Axon
2015 Bora Bora Tech House Sessions ABP
2015 Balkan Connection Tech Summer 2015 Balkan Connection Tech
2015 Absolute Techno Acuna
2015 Tech House Minimal Overture Vol. 2 Acuna
2015 Tech House Minimal Overture Acuna
2015 The Colours Of Tech House Acuna Boyz Productions
2015 As The Earth Spins SexOnWax
2014 Boreas Collection, Vol. 2 Boreas
2014 Boreas Collection, Vol. 1 Boreas
2013 Balkan Connection Tech Winter 2013 Balkan Connection Tech
2013 Essential Xmas Tech House Party Celebration
2013 Amsterdam Underground 2013 (ADE Sampler) Axon
2013 Progressive Essentials - Volume One Neuroscience Deep
2013 Connect Brazil Tech House Celebration
2013 Connect Brazil Techno Celebration
2013 DJ Sessions - Volume Five Neuroscience Recordings
2012 The Essential Tech House Christmas Party One Sound Records
2012 Deep Progressive Tech Hollin Hill
2012 Monsters Of Tech Celebration
2012 Ibiza Eivissa Ibiza Dub Control Records
2012 Moby - Destroyed Remixed (2XCD) Little Idiot
2012 Copacabana Techno Sessions Made In Brazil
2012 Celebrate House Vol. 3 Celebration
2012 Celebrate House Vol. 2 Celebration
2012 Curiously Tech Dub Control Records
2012 Neuroprogressive 2011 Neuroscience Deep
2011 Therapy Afterhours Dub Control Records
2011 Sessão Cult Dub Control Records
2011 Dub Control Tech Sampler 3 Dub Control Records
2011 Twisted Tech Beats One Sound Records
2011 Club Traxx Techno Party 2011 Club Traxx
2011 Abstraction 3 Celebration
2010 Dub Control Techno Party Dub Control Records
2010 Electro Anthems Xmas Party Club Traxx
2010 Abstraction 2 Celebration
2010 Dub Control Tech Sampler Dub Control Records
2010 Dub Control Tech Sampler Dub Control Records
2010 Poolside Anthems Vol. 3 Club Traxx

Be Free is a Way Of Life

Guided by the life motto - "Be Free", System Divine decided to convey the same message to a wider audience. The best way to achieve his intent except through dj-ing and production, he launched different projects. It's activities include organization of various events, festivals, movie projections... to promote electronic music wherever is possible, but everything with the same message to the audience, to be free in all aspects of their lives.



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